Learn how to get what you want without sacrificing the services you require

Learn how to get what you want without sacrificing the services you require

Know what to ask so you get what you need, plan with precision by learning your planning strategy, get a clear starting point and drop the stress knowing you haven't missed a step!

Don't know where to start with wedding planning? 

scroll on if you're into it.

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Imagine having clear actionable answers to your questions like "Am I paying too much?", " Do I really need this service?", " What have I forgotten to plan for?".

Book your vendors like a boss by knowing what to ask, how much these services normally cost (like real cost not wedding magazine cost) and how to book a vendor that meets your expectations and budget.

By watching these videos and completing the tasks at the end of each video, you have everything you need to plan your wedding. You will know what to do, when to do it, and how to get what you want. This is the same strategy I use with my clients as a professional wedding planner 

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Simple Wedding Planning

It's like having a wedding planner in your back pocket.

Hiring Felicia was the best decision we made for our wedding. Felicia was incredibly organized and thought of *everything*, including things we likely wouldn't have thought about (storage, handoff, etc.) until it was too late. She was also calm, thoughtful, and creative throughout the whole time we worked together. We loved working with Felicia and would recommend her 100%!

— madeline G.

Felicia was incredibly organized, she thought of everything!

I, too, was once a bride. I had all of the overwhelm...all of it! I didn’t know where to begin, how much the wedding would cost, and the more research I did, the more overwhelmed I felt.

I couldn’t seem to find the clear honest answers that I was desperately searching for, even in those wedding planning binders, there was so much information that didn’t pertain to my wedding, or at least I though it didn’t, I wasn’t sure!

While I am a wedding planner, I didn't receive these skills by divine decree

understanding exactly what my clients are going through helped me create the system I use with my couples 

but guess what...

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2.1 Booking Vendors Like a Boss

Want a peak inside? Check this video out.

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You will know what to do, when to do it and how to get what you want. It's essentially like having a wedding planner in your back pocket.     


Simple Wedding Planning

An online wedding planning course.

Get your wedding planning strategy. I will teach you the same strategy I use with my clients on how to zero in on what you want, and how to get it while keeping your budget in mind. Know exactly where to start and how to finish planning your big day.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were your wedding plans. I will guide you through the process by breaking the tasks down for you. No more hand wrenching, mind shaking anxiety over getting things planned, together we will focus one doable thing at a time.

Here's What You'll Learn

Get a clear starting point

Break it Down

That’s it!

Watch the video and complete the task at the end. It’s that simple. All of the lessons are in the order you need to complete them. Stay on time and on task by completing the videos in order. It doesn’t get any easier than that

Watch & take action

Book your vendors with confidence by learning what to know before you inquire. Learn the average costs of major services so you know you’re getting a fair deal. Understand what to ask during your consultation and what to communicate after you book them.

Book vendors like a Boss


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course today!

Plan with precision by having a system with a clear starting point. 

How does this sound?

 Break down the planning piece by piece to reduce overwhelm.



the results you're going to get:

Be able to book vendors like a boss, know where to save money without sacrificing the service you require.


Know what to ask so you get what you need. Know the average cost of major services Book the vendor that fits your expectations


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How It Works

 Learn my professional strategy to prioritize what is important to your unique event. (Top 5)
 Know where to start and how to focus on what is important to you and be flexible on the rest.

First This

Have confidence in booking wedding vendors – by knowing real average costs of their services and what to know and ask before and after you book. 

Then this

No crazy overwhelming planning binders here! With my simplified system, you’ll know your wedding details are covered and can relax and enjoy being engaged.

then this

"She took all the stress away from me since day one! She allowed me to enjoy being a bride and take all of my wedding day in with my husband." – Tiffany 

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


real results

"This is your day. This is the time to go after it all.


"Her keen insights and knowledge help give us exactly the information that we were seeking to make the best decision"


Loved the advice

Yes, It Really Works!

"Felicia knows how to deliver what the bride wants"

"Felicia knows how to deliver what the bride wants, while also helping fill in any missing pieces that a bride may forget the last minute. Emerald Lotus Events is professional, prompt, and of a great value to brides."


is thrilled with her decision

Have a personalized planning strategy, with a clear starting point

Know what tasks to do & when to do them 

Keep wedding planning doable, by working one actionable step at a time

Know that you haven't forgotten an essential step 

Know the average cost of major vendor services

Be able to book with confidence and enjoy dreaming about all that marital bliss!

By the end of this program, you will...

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I'm a Hoosier native, cake aficionada, dog-mom, and wifey.

When my hubby and I aren't traveling to destinations unknown, you can find me enjoying a good couch snuggle with our shorkie, Princess, or rewatching Arrested Development for the 107th time.

more about me

hey there, I'm Felicia!

It all began during a car ride

Riding home one night after attending a friend's wedding, I decided that I wanted to empower couples to have their best day.

Pairing my 10 years of experience with event planning and coordination, along with planning my own wedding, it brought me here.

Now, 5 years later and over 100 weddings, my business Emerald Lotus Events made a name for itself.

One of my favorite moments is watching the overwhelm melt right off my couple’s little cherub faces after I teach them the TOP 5 strategy.

 I love giving them the gift of peaceful planning

Do you want the gift of peaceful planning? Do you want to know, what to do, when to do it, and how much it is going to cost?

but it wasn't always this way.

This program includes everything you need to plan your wedding.

If you watch the videos and complete the tasks at the end of each lesson, you’re off and running, you’re planning baby the no overwhelm way.
The only way this will work for you is if you watch the videos in order and complete the tasks at the end.

YOU Can’t watch and do nothing

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This      for you if:

You are ready to drop the overwhelm

You're not willing to do the work

YOu need creative freedom

You expect to get vendor services for free

you want to get what you want, while keeping your budget in mind

It's probably       for you if...

Aren't willing to focus on one thing at a time 



It's probably
for you if...


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Let's Do This Thing!

How long is each video?

Video times vary, but at the most 8-10 minutes per video. What is most important is that you take the time to complete the action task before you move on to the next video lesson.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use or purchase outside resources?

There are times where I suggest you check out Pinterest or Google for further inspiration, but no, this program does not require that you purchase anything additional.

I have a coordinator or planner. Do I need this?

This course teaches you how to handle the responsibilities that fall to you alone. Taking this course will help have the answers you need when you meet with your venue planner. 

I’m planning my wedding in 6 months or less, can this program help me do that?

Yes! You will just be working on a shorter timeline, and that’s okay. Everything in this program still applies to you and will help ensure you get it all done. 

I have questions, can we talk?

Absolutely! There's an upgrade option that allows us to talk over a voicemail app called Voxer. Upgrading your course allows us 3 months of wedding voicemail chats that we share back in forth in place of long emails and phone call scheduling.

How long do I have access to Simple Wedding Planning?

You have access to it for 24 months from your purchase date.

If I buy Simple Wedding Planning, why do you offer your coordination services as an option? Aren’t they the same thing? 

My wedding coordination services include me creating your timeline and communicating with your vendors in advance of your wedding. It also means I am personally onsite on your wedding day to help run and coordinate the day.

My Simple Wedding Planning course includes a basic timeline but does not include my coordination services on your special day. The course covers vendor questions, timeline recommendations, and managing expectations.

Ideally, these services work best hand-in-hand but can be utilized separately in case your venue already offers a venue coordinator or your budget does not allow for a wedding coordinator to be onsite for your wedding.

Months of online access to the 8 Chapters and 38 Video Lessons

What's included in
Simple  Wedding Planning?

Wedding Planning Checklist



I'm so glad you asked!

Vendor type breakdowns so you know what to ask during the inquiry and consultation


Fillable PDF for Vendor Contact Info


Get the
course Today!

Day Vendor Checklist to followup and communicate with your vendors


send me an email

I completely understand.
You're spending thousands on the most important day of your life, shouldn't you feel at peace and have a solid plan 

Still on the fence?

Simply Wedding Planning Course

Learn my professional planning strategy
Identify what is important to you, get what you want while keeping your budget in mind.

Booking vendors
Get the details on 10 major services
What to know before you inquire
When to book them
Real average cost of vendors services
What to ask during a consultation
What to communicate after you’ve booked

Wedding Day Timeline Service
How to plan and prepare your timeline

All of this is valued at over $2500!


You want a stress free wedding planning experience but are on a budget.

But you get the whole course for just