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The Simple Wedding Planning course has everything YOU need as a wedding professional to help your clients manage and coordinate their day. The best part is, it's absolutely free for you!

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Chase down groomsmen, find missing family members, write a full day wedding timeline, or communicate and coordinate the entire wedding day?

The problem is that you were contracted to do your job not someone else's job.

Have you ever worked a wedding and your client asked you to do something that wasn't a part of your contract?

But I bet you did it anyway.

real talk:

Because you're a good person and a professional wedding vendor.

I believe that wedding planning shouldn't be overwhelming, stressful, or confusing.

I've been in the wedding and events industry for over a decade. I created Simple Wedding Planning to help clients solve their wedding planning problems.

But the course isn't just about serving couples who are wedding planning but to also help wedding vendors like you have clients that understand and value your service.

more about me

hey there, I'm Felicia!

The first, inclusive wedding planning online video course that cuts through the frills, the filler, and the fluff to help your clients have a stress-free, easy, and amazing wedding day.

Let me introduce to you
Simple Wedding Planning!

What simple Wedding  planning is:

An online educational video course hosted through Podia that breakdowns every part of wedding planning over 12 months.

All the videos are accessible from the beginning so even if your client is 3 or 6 months out, they'll be able to take everything in.

I share about budget, booking vendors, timeline, communication, and even go over real average costs for most wedding vendors so they have a realistic view on their investments.

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What if you could help educate your clients without having to spend any of your time or money?

Sign up for the Simple Wedding Planning affiliate program. It's easy and there's even a video walkthrough about it.

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You earn $40 per sale AND have a client that knows exactly what to expect from every vendor along with how to plan, budget, and schedule their wedding day and get exactly what they want!

Earn Money and Help Your Client!

"I wish I would have had this at my wedding!"

"I wish I could have had this course when I planned my wedding!

I work with 50-70 wedding couples a year and I will be sharing this course with each of them because it's just that damn good!

Felicia has taken the time to create something that not only helps our clients but helps wedding vendors. 

It's a win-win-win in my book!"

There's just nothing else out there like this!

Ellie loves how inclusive it is!

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So What Do You Need to Do?

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Here's a link right here so you can jump over and sign up to be an affiliate for Simple Wedding Planning.

Make $40 per sale

We wanted to make Simple Wedding Planning affordable for any wedding couple planning their wedding. We also wanted to add an incentive to share it.

Empower Your Clients

No more stressing about how to plan a wedding. They can avoid the outdated material and recycled articles from 2008. Simple Wedding Planning combines EVERYTHING your client needs from start to finish to plan a perfect wedding, the simple way!

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Help clients plan their wedding with Simple Wedding Planning.

How does this sound?

Make easy money sharing your link and coupon code.



the results you're going to get:

Build value by suggesting and make it easy for your clients to have a stress-free wedding planning experience.


Save you time and money not having to over educate, write & recycle blogs, or come across as preachy about your job.


Have a wedding client that knows when to communicate with you in advance of the wedding so you can do your best job.


"This is exactly what my couples need!"

"I love helping my clients make their wedding day dreams come true. As an adventure photographer, though, the last thing I want is for my clients to have to adventure through articles and information that don't really help them. Simple Wedding Planning is a life preserver!"


is so excited to share it!

Join other wedding pros who believe in Simple Wedding Planning

"I am just so amazed at the ease of use for my clients."

"Everything that Felicia provides with Simple Wedding Planning is EXACTLY I want to share with my clients. Having a client that knows exactly what they need to do will make my job so much easier on their wedding day."


loves how user friendly it is!

"I get to have the clients other vendors dream of!"

"Planning a wedding can be hard, stressful, and time consuming. But now Simple Wedding Planning is here! This program gives my clients the tools to have an amazing day and I get the pleasure of working with them!"


loves this course!

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What's included for my clients?

18 months of simple wedding planning access

38 videos covering budget, vendor bookings, and more

17 fillable PDFs, questionnaires, documents

Everything they need to book & plan their wedding day

Email access and upgrade options in case they need more help planning

What's included for you!

"How To" video for setup

Making it easy to sign up and share the course!

Social Media Graphics

We want you to be successful in sharing and selling SWP, that's why we include premade downloadable content for your Insta story, feed, or Facebook.

A customizable email template

If you've just booked a client or have one that needs a little help, we prewrote an easy to use email template that you can customize and share.

$40 per sale + a client discount

No limits or caps on sales and you'll receive a customized discount code for your clients to add incentive to purchase.

Signing up will allow you to immediately begin sharing this course with all your clients. It costs you nothing and you even make money doing it! But the best part is you'll have a wedding client that knows just what they need to do to have their best day ever!

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